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Leslie Ferrin (cont.)
        become part of a lineage of Zanesville Prize exhibitions.  During the overview process,
        as jurors, we are given the opportunity to take the pulse of the field, observe trends
        and then hope that the work we select is as good in person as it looked when viewed
        digitally. For the viewers, of course, the best way to see the show is installed in three
        dimensions but the catalog and digital outreach provide another access point and
        one that lasts long after the show is over. We all get to take with us knowledge gained

        through the process.
         Annuals, Biennials, Survey shows like these propel individual careers forward but, it
        may not be clear how significant this moment is until years later when an archivist
        looks back to see what that moment in time meant to that artist.  Long after it is over,
        the show recognizes achievement and lives on noted by a line on a resume, a photo
        in the catalog. If lucky enough to receive prize money, the funding undoubtedly fuels
        creativity and means to produce new work.  But all of those are a result of the process,
        and not just for the prize winners but all who apply, exhibit and attend can mark this
        point in time for contemporary ceramics.  Thank you Zanesville Prize for establishing
        this competition now in its 3rd iteration and with hope it will continue for many more.

        Leslie Ferrin
        Ferrin Contemporary, North Adams, MA

                                                   Tony Marsh

                                         It is an honor to view the field of contemporary
                                         ceramic art through the lens of the Zanesville Prize
                                         this year. The applicant group was diverse, large and
                                         The monetary level at which Prize organizers are
                                         rewarding excellence announces a commitment to
                                         elevating the field of ceramic art.
                                         Exhibitions like this are an important part of the fabric and

                                         overall health of the field.
                                         The process of jurying and the eventual exhibition provides
                                         a snapshot of the ideas, trends and ways of thinking
                  Tony Marsh             artistically through clay engaged by a broad cross section
        of potters & artists from all regions of the country.  It offers us a better understanding of
        contemporary ceramic art.

        Tony Marsh
        Long Beach, CA

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