Page 7 - 2017 Zanesville Prize Catalog-Flipbook
P. 7

Statement of the Jurors

                                                  Mary Jo Bole

                                         Thank you for giving me a chance to see in some 1100
                                         images, the trajectories artists utilizing a ceramic material
                                         are invested in, at present. I include readily in this all those
                                         not selected. The exhibition call was cited as an internation-
                                         al competition, I found myself asking what is international?

                                         In the affirmed entries,  it is more the scope of content that
                                         felt expansive to me rather than the listed country of origin.
                                         In such a massive amount of entries, choice of images is
                                         everything. Many people did not show me a clear detail in
                                         their slides and without knowing that intimately, I found
                                         myself not being able to give the benefit of the doubt.
                  Mary Jo Bole           Titles are so important. They can amplify a concept or just
        completely close me down, somethings are better left unsaid.  Even after spending so
        much time going through the images, at different times of the day, trying to skew

        and question my own perspective,  inevitably I have regrets about a few artists  not
        included here. (You know who you are) But a three person jury is it’s own particular
        thing and it is what we signed on for.
        Thanks all, Mary Jo Bole

        Columbus, OH

                                                   Leslie Ferrin

                                       The Zanesville Prize benefits the field of contemporary
                                       ceramics by marking a point in time for the artists who
                                       submit, the jurors who review and the visitors who can see the
                                       exhibition in person.  However, its impact is larger than just the
                                       physical exhibition.  The substantial prize money combined
                                       with the open call for entry gives equal opportunity to any

                                       artist to submit their work. The importance of this cannot be
                                       Incentives and deadline force artists to edit statements, se-
                                       lect their best images and present their work to a jury
                                       of established art professionals.  As jurors, we may be

                Leslie Ferrin          introduced to the work of an emerging artist for the first time
        or if familiar, we may see growth and development. For the artists selected, there is
        the chance to present their work to the jurors, offer it for sale, receive recognition and

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