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The 2017 Zanesville Prize

                                for Contemporary Ceramics

                                             A Curator’s View

                                                   Michael Seiler

        T   he Zanesville Prize for Contemporary Ceramics offers a unique insight into an

            ancient art, whose richness in material, diversity, content, form, and beauty
        challenges our imaginations. A collection of 75 artworks by 66 artists worldwide,
        and a best-of-show prize that remains unmatched, draws together artists who
        speak to us in unusual language.

        My task as curator was to consider the visual effect of each work in relationship to the

        others, so that each stands on its own, while, at the same time, complementing
        other work nearby. In considering the four categories: functional, sculptural, vessel,
        and mixed media, each work crossed many of the traditional boundaries of these

        These works contain enormous content. Each speaks volumes about our human
        condition. Some are joyful, while others are rather dark. Some speak to pure beauty,
        while others cause us to contemplate the deeper recesses of our souls. I share a view
        of contemporary ceramics today, not as mere craft, but as a force of fine art with
        which to be reckoned, speaking to our present lives and our fragile humanity. Take the
        time to listen to the art speaking to you. You will not be disappointed.

        Michael Seiler, Curator

                                                               Michael & Kathy Seiler
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