Past Prize Recipients

2015 Zanesville Prize Recipients

Best of Show, $20,000: Colby Parsons; Denton, Texas; “Peak #1“.

First place, $5,000: Paul Donnelly; Kansas City, Missouri; “Dish“.

Second place, $3,000:Amanda Salov; Corvallis, Oregon; “Bloom“.

Third place, $1,000: Chris Dufala; Helena, Montana; “Selling Copy“.

Honorable mention, $500: Jessica Putnam-Phillips; Arlington, Vermont; “Ashes of Rose, Urn Pair“.

Honorable mention, $500:John Utgaard; Murray, Kentucky; “Reaction“.

Gallery of 2015 Entrants

2014 Zanesville Prize Recipients

Best of Show, $20,000: Christine Golden; Flagstaff, Arizona; “Kids in the Garden 2“.

First place, $5,000: Kristen Kieffer; Baldwinvile, Massachusetts; “Grande Covered Jar“.

Second place, $3,000: Sam Chung; Tempe, Arizona; “Cloud Couple“.

Third place, $1,000: Jason Green; Alfred Station, New York; “Recovered Geometry No. 5“.

Honorable mention, $500: Marty Fielding; Gainesville, Florida; “Mixing Console“.

Honorable mention, $500: Joanna Powell; Helena, Montana; “Urn“.

Gallery of 2014 Entrants