Page 11 - 2017 Zanesville Prize Catalog-Flipbook
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Crista Ames
                                                                  Propitious, 2017
                                                                  Missoula, MT, USA

                                                                  48” x 31” x 12”                           $2,000

                                                                  Through the layering of mythology, iconography and
                                                                  personal narrative, my work explores how our own
                                                                  animal nature relates to the ways we establish and
                                                                  sustain personal relationships.  I draw on my own
                                                                  experiences to explore pastoral life, animal husbandry,
                                                                  women’s craft and fertility.    With Propitious I intend
                                                                  to bridge the gap between myth and experience. I
                                                                  utilize my artistic practice to create altogether new
                                                                  stories that tell contemporary tales of trauma, joy and

        Posey Bacopoulos
        Paisley Pitcher, 2017

        New York, NY, USA

        4” X 8” X 9”                                 $250

        This paisley pitcher is thrown, altered and assembled
        using earthenware clay. It is glazed and decorated
        in the majolica tradition. Majolica is a glaze practice
        that began in the Middle East in the 9th century with
        a tin-opacified glaze. I then use line, pattern and color
        to create the surface decoration of the pot. The floral
        motifs on the pot are patterns rather than actual rep-
        resentations that serve to divide the space in interest-
        ing ways. The black decal is used as a contrast to my
        painterly surfaces.

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