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John BalistreriJohn Balistreri

John Balistreri was raised in Thornton, Colorado, where he began to work with ceramics and built a ceramic studio on his parents’ property near Denver. He subsequently studied at Alfred University with Wayne Higby and at the Kansas City Art Institute, where he earned BFA in 1986. Balistreri worked with Kirk Mangus at Kent State University where he received his MFA in 1988.

During the summer of 1987, he returned to his studio in Denver and built a large Anagama kiln. After graduate school, he began to make large-scale work that was wood-fired. In 1996, he joined the faculty of Bowling Green State University, where he remains today as head of the ceramic art program.

From 1998 to 2002, Balistreri worked with Peter Voulkos, assisting in creating and firing his final sculptures. Later, Balistreri toured and studied ceramics in China, Japan and Korea. In 2001 Balistreri began a body of work titled “Problems in Sailing” which includes airplane and boat forms. This body of work continued through his sabbatical in 2005, when he built large-scale airplane forms at the Kaneko Experimental Workspace in Omaha, Nebraska.


Terri KernTerri Kern

Terri Kern will be presenting on surface decoration as well as hand building/sculptural object making demos.

Terri Kern received her Master of Fine Arts Degree from Ohio University in 1991. In 1995, she left a teaching position at Morehead State University to pursue a career as a studio artist. Since that time, Terri has traveled all over the United States, selling her ceramic pieces at fine art and craft venues.  From 2000 to 2013, she participated in five international art exchanges and collaborative projects in Cincinnati, Ohio; Munich, Germany; Nancy, France; Liuzhou, China and Barbacoa, Cuba.  Collectively, the artists created both two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of art that were exhibited in all five countries. The fourth art collaboration in 2009, earned Terri and her fellow artists an “Innovation Award” from the Sister Cities International Conference in Belfast, Ireland. In 2012, she exhibited her ceramic work in Setiuchi City, Japan, as part of a group exhibition.

Terri has been nominated for a USA Fellowship by US Artists, a nonprofit organization established to support the work of the nation’s finest artists. Over career, she has received four Individual Artist Grants and more than thirty-five awards for excellence in the field of ceramics.


Ken McCollumKen McCollum

Will be presenting on the use of multiple techniques in construction and drawing on clay. Multiple forms will be constructed

with care on use of interior and exterior clay and paper armatures. The audience would be welcome to interact and participate

by helping to build large sections of forms.

In 2000, Ken McCollum joined the Muskingum University faculty where he remains today. ?He earned his BFA from Phillips

University, a MA degree from West Texas State University, and his MFA ?degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

His work intends to communicate the need for review of community values and direction, speaking to the needs of overcoming

the lack of communication by using high contrast materials with carved images that tempt current versions of reality.


Tom RadcaTom Radca
After seven years of production pottery, Tom Radca began learning new techniques and meeting the artists who would become his

mentors and shifted his creative focus from functional to decorative work. Radca fires his work uniquely by applying muriatic

acid that eats away at carbon buildup and exposes the color underneath. He currently resides in Port Washington, Ohio.


Jeremy RandallJeremy Randall
Jeremy Randall is a visiting professor of art at Cazenovia College where he also works as the studio manager. Jeremy received

his BFA from Syracuse University and a MFA from the University of Florida.

 His work references rural American architecture and antique rural implements that intend to place the viewer in a

familiar setting that is layered with time, function and history. The colors used refer to milk-painted surfaces, layered and

stained by generations of use, while the wire elements and steel tacks are placed in the clay surface to give a direct

connection to ideas of construction and joinery.


Gail Russell - Acorn Lidded JarGail Russell


Will be presenting on woking with porcelain, she will demonstrate throwing techniques and  combining throwing with hand

building, as well as glazing and decorative techniques of sprigging and handle making.

Gail Russell has worked in porcelain for most of the 40 years she has studied and made pots. She graduated with her MFA from

the University of Illinois under the direction of Don Frith and Don Pilcher. She traveled to Japan in 2002, visiting many

museums, potters, temples and shrines of a country of major influence on her and her work.
The six Presenters have been invited to display and offer their works for sale. These master works are located in the lobby

of the Welcome Center.